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Matvey Foundation Repair Case Studies: Push Pier Installation in Issaquah, WA

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 by jake hadman


A new home buyer called Matvey Construction to get an estimate on foundation repairs needed for the inspection report given prior to purchase. The inspection report stated the floors were not level by 5 ½”. Matvey Construction’s inspector found settlement located at the back portion of the home because the soils were saturated due to the home being close to a river.


Our expert crew lifted the slab 2 inches with no damage to the home. 10 push piers were installed at depths up to 8 feet to correct the settlement problems. 3 smart jacks were installed to support the flooring. We also repaired the drainage system to divert water flow away from the home. The customer was very pleased with how thorough we were and how quickly the job was completed.

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