Basement Floor Crack Repair in Seattle

Many homes throughout the Seattle area have poured concrete basements. Concrete is a very popular and versatile building material, but it does tend to crack over time. Some cracks are minor and aren’t a concern, but some are big enough that they could let in water or hazardous radon gas. At Matvey Foundation Repair, we provide basement floor crack repair in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team can assess your basement and provide a professional recommendation for your best options for repair.

What Causes Cracks in Basement Floors?

Some cracks in concrete basement floors are due to natural, nonstructural settlement after the home is built. But there are many factors that play into how a concrete floor ages, including the condition of the underlying soil, load stress, the concrete curing process, and more. What we tend to see in our Seattle foundation repair work is moisture infiltration around the foundation that causes soil expansion and pressure, which causes cracks over time. This is one of the reasons why we install foundation drainage systems.

What to Look For

Especially in wetter climates like we have here in Seattle, concrete may show some wear and tear over time, and it may not always be concerning. However, if you see any of the following, reach out to us right away:

  • Cracks that are ⅛ inch or wider
  • Cracks/separation between the walls and floor
  • Cracks where one side is higher than the other
  • Sections of the floor that are cracked and heaving upward
crack in slab

Repairing Basement Floor Cracks

Because there is such variation in the type, severity, and cause of basement floor cracks, it’s important to work with an experienced foundation repair team to understand the right solutions for you. At Matvey Foundation Repair, we can seal or patch some cracks, while others may require concrete leveling or lifting. Often, we pair these techniques with basement waterproofing or drainage systems to prevent future damage.

Reach out to us at Matvey Foundation Repair in Seattle for basement floor crack repair. Don’t delay—ask for your free inspection and estimate today!