Signs of Water Damage

One of the most important things you can do for the life of your home is to protect it against water damage. Moisture is a major hazard and can cause serious problems like mold growth, and can even eat away at the structure of your home. To keep your home and your family safe, reach out to us at Matvey Foundation Repair if you start to see signs of water damage. Our Tacoma foundation and basement waterproofing specialists can help protect your property from costly water damage.

Catching water infiltration early can save you money and hassle.  These are some signs of water damage in your Tacoma home’s basement and crawl space to watch out for.

peeling paint on wall

Peeling Paint and Mushy Drywall

If you have a finished basement, water can get through cracks or seams in the foundation walls. Make sure you check for soft, spongy drywall and peeling or flaking paint.

moldy walls

Musty Odors and Mold

Mold is one of the most concerning signs of water infiltration. If you smell persistent musty odors in your basement, you likely have a problem, even if you can’t see visible mold growth. These problems tend to hide behind walls, under floors, or between joists.

water on floor in basement

Standing Water and Wet Carpeting

One obvious sign of water damage is wet floors, soggy carpeting, or standing pools of water. Whether it’s the first time you’ve seen this, it’s important to call your Tacoma basement waterproofing team at Matvey!

wet basement wall

Moist Walls

Even if your basement is unfinished, it’s still important to notice the texture of the walls. Concrete is porous and absorbs water. If you feel moisture or see a whitish film on your walls, you may have a water problem. Check all along the wall, from ceiling to floor.

condensation on glass window

Excess Condensation

Look around the hard surfaces in your basements, like windows, pipes, and appliances. If you noticed moisture or condensation, it’s time to schedule some waterproofing for your Tacoma basement. 

Cobwebs around wooden chair legs

Bug Infestation

Many bugs and animal pests enjoy a warm, damp environment, so if you continually have infestation issues, your house likely has water infiltration problems. 

Have you noticed any of these signs of water damage in your Tacoma home? The basement waterproofing experts at Matvey Foundation Repair are ready to help! Reach out to schedule your free inspection today.