Carbon Fiber Foundation Wall Repair Systems in Bellevue

Many homeowners don’t realize that their foundation walls are under pressure every moment of every day. The soil around your foundation is constantly pushing inward, and this can result in serious structural damage over time. If you have noticed things like uneven floors, bowing basement walls, or cracks in your concrete, the damage has likely already begun.

Bowing or tilting in your basement walls is something that should be addressed right away. The expansive soil outside of your home will continue putting pressure on your foundation. And if you wait too long, this pressure can cause the walls to collapse entirely.

Tacoma Foundation & Concrete Repair: Basement Waterproofing

Thankfully, our Bellevue basement wall support and repair team can help, no matter the current condition of your foundation. Matvey Foundation Repair uses the SafeBase™ Carbon Fiber wall repair system to lend permanent support to foundation walls, preventing damage caused by lateral forces. These straps are installed vertically at specific points and held in place by heavy-duty brackets. The SafeBase™ Carbon Fiber foundation repair system used by our Bellevue experts delivers industry-leading resilience against shear forces. This system is minimally invasive and installation is quick, but the results are impressive and are backed by a 25-year warranty. 

If you are concerned about foundation wall damage, especially if you have expansive soils around your home, ask us about our carbon fiber foundation repair systems in Bellevue! Alternatively, we also use wall anchors to provide support for basement walls. Anchors can straighten foundation walls and prevent future bowing.

Free Estimates on Wall Repair Systems in Bellevue

Seeing damage to your foundation walls can be a stressful experience, but our team can deliver a fast, cost-effective, and long-lasting solution. Matvey Foundation Repair has over 20 years of experience and uses only the best repair methods for bowing, tilting, or cracking basement walls, including our carbon fiber foundation repair systems for your Bellevue property. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate!