Crawl Space Stabilization Company in Bellevue

It may be hidden from view, but that doesn't mean your crawl space is unimportant. In fact, this area is a key player in the overall health, comfort, and longevity of your home. If your crawl space has uncontrolled moisture, pest infestations, mold growth, or rotting wood, you may need structural repairs. At Matvey Foundation Repair, we’re your trusted experts in crawl space stabilization services throughout the Bellevue area, and we deliver solutions that are cost-effective and time-tested. For crawl spaces that have been weakened by environmental factors or poor construction, we offer professional, reliable repair services.

Our Bellevue crawl space stabilization company stands behind the quality of the SafeBase™ Stabilization System for optimal reinforcement of crawl spaces. Based on what we find in your home, we’ll recommend the best option for your needs. Your crawl space is part of your home’s structural support, so investing in stabilization here will positively affect the entire building. Through the SafeBase Stabilization System, we can not only remediate current issues but also prevent future ones from occurring. When your crawl space is strong, you’ll have better weight distribution in your home, more even floors, and other benefits.

Matvey Foundation Repair uses two main reinforcement and support products for crawl space stabilization in Bellevue:


SafeBase™ Stabilization System

This system combines concrete bases and durable steel beams for powerful crawl space support. Installation of this system is typically straightforward, and this is a good choice for fixing sagging floors and other related problems.

SafeBase™ LightFoot™ Stabilizer Base

This innovative structural system uses polyurethane foam bases instead of concrete and is easier to install in tighter spaces. If you have limited access to your crawl space, the LightFoot™ system can deliver strength, without adding more weight to the soil.

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