Residential Floor Coatings

Your home is arguably the biggest and most important investment you’ll ever make, so it’s important to protect that investment at every turn. Here at Matvey Foundation Repair, we offer the best residential epoxy floor coating services in Bellevue, helping you protect your floors from chemicals, UV rays, abrasions, and other types of wear and tear. We proudly provide concrete floor coatings from Penntek for world-class protection that looks great and lasts.

Custom Design

Customize the look and feel of your space with Penntek’s floor coatings. You can pick from a variety of colors and finishes to enhance your decor and boost your home’s value. You’ll get powerful protection without sacrificing style.

One-Day Installation

Our Bellevue epoxy floor coating specialists can install the Penntek coating quickly and simply. The whole process takes less than a day!

Competitive Warranty

Get the peace of mind you deserve knowing you’re protected by Penntek’s 15-year product warranty. We stand behind every floor coating installation with this guarantee. 

Basement Floor Coating

Even out your basement flooring in your Bellevue home with an epoxy floor coating or polyurea floor coating from Penntek. This application can smooth cracks and uneven spots, for a smooth, durable finish you’re sure to love. 

Pool Deck Flooring

Keep your pool deck safe and secure with a Penntek pool deck coating from Matvey Foundation Repair. We use a rugged, non-slip coating that is resistant to UV rays, common pool chemicals, and bumps and scratches. 

Concrete Patio Flooring

Give your Bellevue patio a facelift with a Penntek floor coating! You can take your patio from drab to fab, with a custom floor coating that lends great style and damage protection.

Choose Matvey Foundation Repair for Your concrete floor epoxy coating needs in the Bellevue area, or other nearby communities like Everett.

Here at Matvey Foundation Repair, we have seen the incredible transformations that Penntek floor coatings offer. Ready to learn more about our Bellevue epoxy floor coating services for garages, basements, patios, and pool decks? Get in touch with us today and ask for your free consultation! Give us a call or fill out our online form now.