What Causes Concrete Damage in Bellevue?

Matvey Foundation Repair is proud to be a leading name for repair for concrete problems in Bellevue. For more than two decades we have provided the finest in concrete repair throughout western Washington. If you are tired of looking at cracks, sinking, staining, or pitting in your concrete, we are the team to call. We can have your damaged concrete driveway, garage floor, sidewalk, or pool deck looking like new again!

When you notice signs of concrete damage here in Bellevue, it’s best to make the repair sooner than later to avoid greater expense down the line. Here are a few natural processes that can damage your concrete over time:

big crack in concrete

Dry Soil

Droughts and extreme heat can dry out the soil, which causes the soil to shrink. This can result in the formation of air pockets beneath your concrete, crumbling slabs, and uneven sinking of your concrete components (driveway, sidewalks, patio).


Moisture can easily make its way underneath your concrete, and will saturate the soil. If your soil is already weak, excessive water can wash it away and cause even bigger voids beneath your concrete. Clay-rich soil will expand as it absorbs water, and will exert heavy pressure on your concrete slabs.

Poorly Compacted Soil

Soil that is disturbed, either through construction or foot traffic, will never be as stable as it was before. The slow settling of the soil over time can result in sinking or uneven concrete.

Moisture Damage

Concrete is porous and can take on moisture, especially in all its little nooks and crannies. This moisture can freeze in cold weather, resulting in the pitting, staining, flaking, and even disintegration of your concrete.

Damage Due to Street Creep

If your driveway connects to the sidewalk, the juncture where the two slabs meet can fail over the course of seasonal changes. In cold weather, the concrete slabs contract, opening the joints between slabs where debris may collect, and also water that will freeze in the winter. When the slabs expand again in the warm months, they won’t be able to “relax” into the same fit as before.

There are many factors that can affect the health of your home’s concrete, but no matter its current condition, you can count on our repair team to help with Bellevue concrete damage, restoring strength and functionality. Reach out to us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate.