Bellevue Sunken Concrete Repair

Are you tired of tripping over your sunken sidewalk? Have you noticed that your driveway or patio seems to have dropped a few inches? You’ve come to the right place. Matvey Foundation Repair is a trusted name to handle all sorts of foundation, crawl space, and concrete issues. Don’t assume that you need to rip out and pour a new concrete slab—let our experts take a look and see if you’d be a good candidate for sunken concrete repair on your Bellevue property! 

It is very common for concrete slabs to sink over time, and this is often caused by conditions in the underlying soil. As soil expands and contracts with changes in environmental moisture, it can create uneven loading of the concrete. Soils can erode, heave, wash out, or become filled with air pockets, which weakens the soil against the heavy weight of the concrete slab. This is the main reason why concrete sinks. However, just because you have sunken concrete on your hands doesn’t mean you have to replace it or live with it. The team at Matvey Foundation Repair is proud to provide fast, cost-effective sunken concrete repair, using the poly concrete leveling technique for Bellevue homes.

Compared to other concrete lifting methods like mudjacking, using polyurethane foam delivers better results. Not only is installation quick and minimally invasive, but the expanding foam offers more precise lifting and it won’t contribute to further sinking. The foam is durable, won’t erode or wash away, and is very lightweight. It cures in less than an hour, letting you get back to your life faster. Poly concrete leveling is a superior option for those whose concrete slabs are still in decent shape but simply have sunken out of place. 

Come to Matvey Foundation Repair for all of your concrete needs! One of our technicians can visit your home and let you know if poly concrete leveling is right for your sunken concrete. Reach out to schedule your free inspection for concrete leveling services in Bellevue today.