Bellevue Warehouse & Commercial Flooring

Whether you own a hair salon, a gym, a logistics warehouse, or any other commercial space, your flooring is important. Commercial flooring here in Bellevue requires a certain level of durability that homes and other low-traffic spaces simply don’t need. A quality commercial floor is easy to clean, provides the right amount of traction, is resistant to scuffs and stains, and complements the aesthetics of the space. Here at Matvey Foundation Repair, we are proud to provide some of the best commercial flooring services in Bellevue, thanks to the industry-leading Penntek floor coating system.

Are you moving into a new retail, storage, or office space? Are you renovating an older building? No matter your needs, you can count on our team to deliver quality results and great customer service. We know that commercial flooring is a vital investment in the operations of your business, as well as your property value, and we can help you choose the best floor coating for your needs. Our Bellevue-based Penntek floor coating options can be customized to your desired color and finish, and the installation is backed by a 15-year warranty. Based on what statement you want to make with your commercial space, a durable, attractive Penntek coating will get the job done.

Our crew of Bellevue commercial and warehouse flooring experts at Matvey Foundation Repair is ready to bring your space into the modern era, while saving you precious time and money. Unlike some other flooring options like tile or laminate, the Penntek floor coating system can be installed within a day, is lightweight, and is durable against UV rays, chemical spills, and other potential hazards. Auto shops, dog kennels, restaurant kitchens, showrooms, locker rooms, laboratories, and other common spaces can enjoy enhanced safety, hygiene, and visual appeal with a Penntek coating.

Ready to explore your options for colors, finishes, and designs for your Bellevue area warehouse or commercial flooring? Reach out to us at Matvey Foundation Repair today and set up your free inspection and estimate!