Seattle Concrete Foundation Support

If the foundation of your home is sinking or settling, you may be concerned about your repair options. After all, foundation repair is typically an extensive and sometimes costly endeavor. Thankfully, no matter the current condition of your foundation, you can count on the Matvey’s Seattle foundation contractors for concrete foundation support. We have several different solutions that can restore structural integrity to your home, including push and helical pier systems, as well as wall anchors and innovative carbon fiber support systems.

Foundation settlement is caused by several things, but most often it is due to shifting soil beneath your concrete. Throughout seasons of wet and dry weather, the soil expands and contracts. Additionally, backfill soil which is replaced around your home during the construction process isn’t as dense or stable as virgin soil. These forces combine to result in soil erosion, compaction, and other problems that can put your foundation at risk. 

How do you know if your home needs a Seattle foundation contractor? Only a trained professional can tell you for sure, but if you notice things like cracks in your foundation walls, your patio is sinking, your chimney looks tilted, or your doors and windows seem to stick, you may have foundation settlement. 

In most cases, our Seattle foundation repair experts recommend steel foundation piers like push piers or helical piers, to reinforce a failing foundation. However, we also understand that some homeowners are on a tight budget, and in these cases we suggest concrete piers. Concrete foundation piers are cost-conscious alternatives to steel piers, but still provide sufficient stability for most homes. Concrete structural supports are also faster and easier to install, especially if your home is built on relatively shallow soil.

Foundation wall cracks

There are many ways to restore your home’s foundation, and we have solutions for every budget. Concrete piers and other forms of concrete structural supports can be a good option if you need something affordable but still effective. Reach out to Matvey Foundation Repair of Seattle for a foundation contractor you can trust to provide quality work. Schedule your free inspection and estimate today.