Concrete Driveway leveling & Repair in Everett

Your driveway is a key piece to your home’s curb appeal, and a sinking, cracking, or otherwise damaged driveway can seriously detract from your property value. If your concrete driveway is showing signs of wear and tear, don’t assume that you need to tear it out and start over. Matvey Foundation Repair proudly provides cost-effective concrete driveway leveling repair services in Everett, and we are here to serve you!

Our team of concrete experts uses an innovative polyurethane foam repair technique, which is quickly becoming the gold standard method in the industry. Poly concrete leveling uses an expanding polyurethane foam, which is injected underneath the concrete slab to effortlessly lift and level your driveway. As this foam expands and cures, it secures the concrete back into place, providing lasting support. Our Everett concrete driveway leveling repair team stands behind this method, as it is faster, less invasive, and longer-lasting than other repair methods such as mudjacking or slab replacement. 

If your driveway is in need of repair, get in touch with our experts at Matvey Foundation Repair.

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How Concrete Driveways Can Sink

Concrete tends to sink over time, but not because of the concrete itself. Often, issues with the soil below can cause a concrete driveway to sink. Eroded, loose, or weakened soils cannot hold up the weight of concrete or vehicles. Water-related erosion is a major factor in these issues and is caused by things like clogged gutters or downspouts, which may result in water pooling near the home. 

Soil tends to settle significantly around new homes, and if you are parking a heavy vehicle or RV on your driveway, this can also be a factor. If your driveway is connected to your garage, it can cause garage foundation damage, too. This is why it’s important to act quickly and schedule your concrete driveway leveling repair in Everett right away.

Is Poly Concrete Leveling Expensive?

Poly concrete leveling offers a cost-effective solution when compared to mudjacking and slab replacement. 

Looking for a permanent solution for your home in Seattle? With poly concrete leveling, you will enjoy longer-lasting concrete (up to a lifetime in longevity). Comparatively, mudjacking and slab replacements are more likely to be affected by shifting soils, which can cost you more in the long run to repair.

How Soon Can I Use My Driveway, Patio, Pool Deck, and/or Sidewalk?

When we use poly concrete leveling, you can expect very rapid cure times. The polyurethane foam used in this method cures within minutes, so you could be parking your car in your driveway as soon as 15 minutes after lifting.

Is Poly Concrete Leveling Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! The polyurethane foam used in poly concrete leveling is composed of environmentally friendly materials. The polyurethane foam is waterproof and will not degrade. 

Because of this, there is no way for the foam to leach dangerous chemicals into the soil around your concrete.

Choose Matvey Foundation Repair to Level Your Driveway

For quality concrete leveling and driveway repair services in Everett, contact Matvey Foundation Repair. We have over two decades of experience in structural repair services and are a trusted leader in the region for poly concrete leveling.

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