Causes of Concrete Damage in Everett

When your concrete begins to sink, is cracked, or is otherwise damaged in some way, you’ve come to the right place. Matvey Foundation Repair is a leading name for concrete leveling, lifting, and repair in Everett, and we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners like you. We can restore your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, garage floor, and more!

When it comes to concrete sinking, staining, pitting, or cracking, it’s always better when you can mitigate the problem early. You can take great care of your concrete by understanding the biggest factors that cause damage. Any of the following may result in faster concrete damage at your Everett properties:

big crack in concrete

Dry Soil

Soil contracts during times of drought or hot temperatures. This shrinking results in air pockets that can lead to the weakening and crumbling of the soil, causing concrete problems for you Everett home.


Water can saturate the soil when it gets trapped underneath your concrete slabs, thus causing the soil to expand and exert uneven pressure on the concrete. Or, if your soils are already weakened, moisture can cause washout and erosion, leaving bigger air pockets.

Poorly Compacted Soil

When soils are disturbed, either through construction or foot traffic, they can never return to their original compact stability. But under the weight of concrete, the soil slowly settles causing the slab to sink.

Moisture Damage

As a porous material, concrete can easily absorb moisture into its nooks and crannies. If that moisture undergoes multiple freeze/thaw cycles, it can lead to flaking, staining, and pitting of the slab.

Damage Due to Street Creep

If your driveway abuts the city sidewalk, this conjunction between the two concrete slabs can lead to damage over time. During cold weather concrete contracts, and this opens the joints between the slabs. Small rocks and other debris may collect in those joints. Then, when warm weather returns, the concrete slabs are unable to relax and expand evenly, and they begin to push against each other, causing one or both to tilt, sink, or crack.

While concrete is a versatile and popular building material, it is prone to damage! Thankfully, our team of repair specialists is here to help with your Everett concrete damage. No matter the current condition of your concrete, we can lift and level the slabs to restore their functionality. Get in touch to schedule your free estimate today!