Everett Warehouse And Industrial Flooring

Flooring can make or break any commercial space—gyms, warehouses, showrooms, salons, you name it. The floor is an essential part of upholding safety, hygiene, and visual appeal. Industrial flooring for your Everett area business must be more durable than flooring found in most homes or other private spaces; it should be easy to clean, must be stain and scuff-resistant, and must provide the ideal amount of traction. Matvey Foundation Repair is your trusted name for commercial warehouse flooring in Everett, and we’re proud to use the Penntek floor coating system.

Whether you are starting fresh in a new storage, retail, or office space, or you’re replacing floors in your current building, you can count on us for great service and great results. It may be challenging to choose the best commercial flooring for your needs, but we’re always ready to consult with you to take the guesswork out of it. Your floors are an important investment, not only for your property value but also for the day-to-day operations of your business. Our Penntek floor coatings come in a huge variety of colors and finishes, and our installation is backed by a 15-year warranty. We can help you make the right statement about your business with customized Everett-based commercial warehouse flooring!

Let us give your space a much-deserved facelift with a professional Everett-based Penntek commercial floor coating. This is a quick and cost-effective option, especially compared to traditional choices like tile and laminate. Penntek coatings can be installed within one day, and provide superior durability, including protection against chemical spills, UV rays, and other hazards. Our commercial floor coatings can bring peace of mind, especially for businesses that ask a lot of their floors—dog kennels, commercial kitchens, laboratories, and warehouses. You’ll enjoy better hygiene, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

Are you ready to explore all the great colors, designs, and finishes of the Penntek floor coating system for your Everett area business? Get in touch with us at Matvey Foundation Repair and schedule your free estimate!