Penntek Polyurea Flooring with Matvey Foundation Repair

Choosing the right floor coating for your concrete floors can be a difficult decision. However, with Matvey Foundation Repair, it does not have to be. If your concrete floors are in a space that demands the ultimate in durability, Penntek’s solid color polyurea floor coating system is most likely the right choice for you. Penntek’s solid color polyurea system consists of four coats, including an optional single comp polyurea clear coat, single comp polyurea topcoat, polyurea color coat, and optional single comp polyurea primer.

The solid color polyurea system can withstand some of the worst in extreme temperatures, chemicals, and abrasions. With extreme chemical damage resistance and the ability to endure repeated freeze-thaw cycles, Penntek’s solid color polyurea system provides the perfect floor coating solution for the following spaces:

  • Showrooms
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Machine rooms
  • Garage floors
  • Warehouse settings
  • Service areas
  • Production areas

The polyurea system is also extremely durable. You can have it installed any time of the year. Penntek’s single color polyurea system is significantly stronger than standard flooring materials and can be customized to fit your space’s style.

The color and texture of this system can be customized, with the option of a high gloss or matte topcoat. Penntek’s single color polyurea system installs quickly, usually taking less than a day to install, and includes a lifetime guarantee. On top of the lifetime guarantee, this system consists of a 15-year product warranty, as well.

Choose Matvey Foundation Repair for Free Estimates on Polyurea Flooring Installation

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