Push Pier System

Push piers offer the best solution for foundation stabilization when correcting for foundation settlement. You may experience foundation settlement when the soil beneath your building or structure can no longer support its weight. When this happens, damage can occur, including cracked walls or sticking windows and doors.

Push piers are long, high-strength round steel tubes driven deep through the soil into appropriate load-bearing strata using a hydraulic ram. This method is used to stabilize and lift sinking soil and counteract foundation settlement. Push piers are recommended when load-bearing strata are close enough to the topsoil.

Our push pier systems offer high-strength materials, fast and easy installation, no concrete required, and a permanent foundation stabilization solution. If your building is no longer resting in its original position, a push pier system is the best option for restoring its location. 

A push pier system is perfect for any substantially heavy structure, including two-story homes, commercial buildings, or structures made of brick. The weight from buildings like these can help push the piers into the ground, creating resistance that will bring stability, lift, and leveling to the foundation.

pier diagram

Reliable Foundation Repair in Seattle

If your commercial building suffers from foundation settlement and is no longer resting in its original position, Matvey Foundation Repair can fix it. Whether your building is residential, commercial, government, or municipal, we have the right products and the best professionals for any project.

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