Wall Straightening in Everett

Matvey Foundation Repair is proud to be the top name in foundation, basement, and crawl space repair and wall straightening in Everett, and your tilting or bowing walls are no match for us! If you’ve noticed your foundation walls are tilting, bulging, or sloping, give us a call. We provide cost-effective, permanent solutions to these kinds of foundation issues.

Causes of Bowing or Tilting Foundation Walls

Bowing or tilting foundation walls are typically caused by soil conditions surrounding the home. It’s not because the walls themselves are weak, but because the inward pressure from the soil outside is simply too great. Expansive soils, especially when they grow in times of wet weather or freeze during cold spells, can place a lot of pressure on your foundation. This can lead to bowing, bulging, and cracking.

Solutions to Bowing or Tilting Foundation Walls

No matter the condition of your foundation walls, you can count on our team of Everett  wall straightening specialists to take good care of you. We have many repair solutions for stabilizing and straightening walls, which can give you priceless peace of mind, knowing your home is sound.

Here at Matvey Foundation Repair, we are a proud SafeBasements partner, and we use the SafeBase products in our work. For a permanent solution against lateral forces, we often use the SafeBase Wall Anchor system. These rugged steel anchors connect your walls to solid soil outside of your Everett home. The Waler Wall system is also known as the  SafeBase Support system and , for provides additional support for bowing or tilting walls.

The SafeBase Carbon Fiber system is a great solution to overcome shear forces, and is the most durable wall strap system on the market today. Using carbon fiber straps and industrial-strength brackets, we can stabilize your foundation walls with ease.

Free Estimates on Wall Straightening

For over 20 years, Matvey Foundation Repair has offered the best foundation crawl space repair, and wall straightening in Everett. If you have noticed bowing or tilting in your walls, reach out to us right away. Schedule your free repair estimate today!