Wall Straightening in Tacoma

Here at Matvey Foundation Repair, we have the solutions you need, to fix your basement and foundation problems, including bowing or tilting walls. We offer the best wall straightening in Tacoma, and can give you cost-effective, permanent results.

Causes of Bowing or Tilting Foundation Walls

When a foundation wall begins to bow, bulge, or tilt, it’s not because that wall is inherently weak. These types of issues are almost always caused by changes in the surrounding soils. Soils that are expansive can push strongly inwards, against your walls, leading to bulging, bowing, tilting, or cracking over time. This is particularly true when soils take on moisture during wet weather, and when that moisture freezes. Matvey Foundation Repair in Tacoma has lots of wall straightening solutions available to restore and support your bowing or tilting foundation walls.

Solutions to Bowing or Tilting Foundation Walls

Bowing or tilting walls could place your home at risk, but the team at Matvey Foundation Repair is here to restore your property to structural integrity. No matter the condition of your walls right now, we’ll give you the ideal solution to straighten and stabilize them for good. 

As a valued SafeBasements partner, we offer many of the SafeBase products for foundation repair in Tacoma. The Waler Wall system, also known as the SafeBase Wall Anchor system, is a preferred tool for repairing and preventing lateral force damage. These steel anchors connect your walls to deep, competent soil in your yard for optimal hold. The SafeBase Waler Wall Support system is often paired with the anchors for additional stability. 

The SafeBase Carbon Fiber system is ideal for tackling shear force damage using industrial brackets and carbon fiber straps to straighten your walls. This is the most effective cutting-edge solution for wall straightening in Tacoma!

Free Estimates on Wall Straightening

Matvey Foundation Repair are experts in the SafeBase/Walter Wall system in Tacoma and wil take great care of you and your home, just like we’ve done for thousands of homeowners over the past 20 years. If you have bowing, bulging, or tilting foundation walls, reach out to us right away. Schedule your free estimate today!