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Erosion Control for Mudslide Prevention in Washington

Hinder mudslides and landslides with professional help

Because mudslides are prevalent throughout Greater Seattle, it's crucial to be on your guard. The months of September to May are especially prone to mudslides and landslides, so if your home is at the bottom of a steep slope and you haven't spoken to a professional before, or if you haven't made appropriate upgrades since your last mudslide, it's time to call in an expert.

Matvey Foundation Repair is an experienced geotechnical engineering company ready to perform soil stabilization, erosion control, emergency services and more to help resolve or prevent mudslides and landslides. With many years of experience and talented, trusted crews ready to get the job done right, you won't have to worry when you choose to work with Matvey Foundation Repair.

Interested in finding out more about how we fight mudslides? Schedule a free estimate with Matvey Foundation Repair today! We serve customers in Tacoma, Olympia, Everett and areas nearby.

What causes mudslides and landslides?

While steep slopes and oversaturated soils caused by heavy rains are the most well-known causes of mudslides, there are actually many other factors that can create these natural disasters. Anything that alters the stability of a slope and removes its vegetation can lead to a landslide or mudslide. Forest fires, construction, droughts, and earthquakes can all activate dangerous landslide or mudslide events.

These disasters lead to several deaths every year in the US, and they can also break sewage, gas, electric, and water lines as well as disrupt roads and carry large pieces of debris. If your home is near a steep slope, in an area where landslides are common, or you have any of the other dangers noted above, call in Matvey Foundation Repair for an inspection and a solution for slope stabilization.

The many ways we fight mudslides

If you find yourself facing a mudslide disaster, don't panic - Matvey Foundation Repair has a variety of methods and services that can help:

  • Erosion control. Exposed hillsides are more likely to lead to soil erosion, mudslides, and landslides, which is why there are many natural and synthetic products available to slow or halt erosion. Plants are a great natural way to cover slopes and minimize the possibility of mudslides. If planting is not an option, installing manufactured products like burlap, jute mesh, erosion blankets, and more are an alternative option.
  • Soil stabilization. Altering the composition of soils to make them stronger can help maintain the safety of the soils around your home and avoid mudslides, particularly important on slopes. Less permeable soils that don't swell or shrink are more likely to stay put. Soil compaction, or applying stress to soils to decrease air pores and increase densification, is another option offered by Matvey Foundation Repair.
  • Retaining wall design. Retaining walls are a tried and tested way of providing slope stabilization. Matvey Foundation Repair can design and install a system of retaining walls that will prevent a mudslide from reaching your property.
  • 24-hour response. No matter when an emergency strikes, Matvey Foundation Repair will be there to help! We take landslides and mudslides very seriously, and we want homeowners to stay safe for the duration of a disaster and beyond.
  • Temporary emergency stabilization. When circumstances are too dire to plan out a permanent solution, Matvey Foundation Repair can provide temporary stabilization to keep your home safe until the mudslide or landslide has passed. Then, we can move on to designing a system that will prevent the same catastrophe in the future.

Don't delay - contact us for soil stabilization today

Without proper efforts to control erosion and make slopes safer, mudslides can wreak complete havoc on a home in mere minutes. Rather than suffer through this eventuality, contact the mudslide experts at Matvey Foundation Repair to inspect your property and advise you on the best course of action. We offer our erosion control and soil stabilization services for customers throughout Olympia, Everett, Tacoma, Kent, Everett, Renton, Bellevue, Federal Way, Bothell, Puyallup, and areas nearby in Washington – schedule your free estimate with us today!

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