Matvey Foundation Repair completed foundation repairs to this Mercer Island home.  While on site, a structural engineer recommended additional repairs to be done on a 80' x 7' wide failing hillside asphalt road.  Severe erosion was the cause of the road failure.


A structural engineer recommended placing 80 2"x20' pin piles to stabilize the hillside.  Pin pile driving is an alternative method of retaining wall construction, soil stabilization, and foundation footing.

Overall, 80 2" pin piles were placed at 21’ deep, 25 15’ long x 5’ deep wall anchors, the crew installed a curtain drainage system to re-route water from along the hillside to the base of the hill.

The project was completed on time and on budget.  Road width was increased to 10’ 6” and was left ready for asphalt 4” overlay.