Matvey Foundation Repair was on site to investigate a sinking sidewalk slab. Over time soil settles under slabs due to flowing water that passes through cracks and joints in the concrete. Water then washes the soil out as it passes through. 


Matvey Foundation Repair's approach to repairing the sinking sidewalk was to use our poly concrete leveling system. Rather than using a mixture of concrete and mud, poly concrete leveling is a high capacity, lightweight filler that is injected as a liquid and dry's and hardens as a durable foam. A small penny-sized hole was drilled into the sidewalk where settlement existed, polyurethane was then injected into the holes to lift the slab back to the original placement. After the void was filled, the expanding properties of the polyurethane allowed for an accurate lift and leveling of the slab. The small holes were grouted and the slab was completely restored.