This porch in Woodinville, WA settled 3 1/2" on left side and needed to be lifted back to original position. There were two complications on this job:

  1. The 30 sqft. slab is attached to the porch and it also sunk along with the porch
  2. The right side of the porch did not have to be lifted as much (only 1/4")


By injecting the poly concrete foam on the left side only we were able to level out the concrete. Then we moved on the raising the concrete back to its original position while also keeping everything level. We lifted the slab along with the porch by used the poly concrete foam in sequential injections on the left side of the slab. In addition, the injected foam filled the void under the right side of the porch and slab to stabilize and prevent future settling (2" to 5" and 5' long due to erosion. picture included).