Upon arriving on site the Matvey Construction crew found several foundation issues due to lack of drainage and signs of foundation settlement. After completing a re-bar scan and soil probing, re-bar was found in the footing, as well as glacial till and sandy sub-soil. This is a typical problem that is known to cause foundation settlement, and if found early on, it can save money and stress.


The solution to this problem was to complete soil density testing. The client was supplied with a structural repair design permit set. A trench was set up for an entire 4-foot system. A complete 9-inch deep, by 5-inch diameter soil pit was made for a flow well system. There was then a special inspection for a clean water flow test. 8 push piers were installed in areas where settlement occurred, then the structure was lifted and leveled. Next, movement monitors were installed and a 24-month monitoring chart was used to keep track of the installation results.

Two years later, there was zero movement as reported by the geo-tech tracking site. The wall was still level and plum. The homeowners were very happy to see that the crawl space was completely dry and the house was still 100% level during the following rain season.