This home in Mercer Island's living room was 1 1/2” out of level and sloping due to a combination of rotted wood and settling post footings. The 8” x 8” home posts were only sitting on a single concrete over very loose sandy soil. Upon further inspection, Matvey Construction noticed that the deck was pulling away from the home due to the posts rotating out of position.


Our solution was to install 8, 7-foot deep helical deck piers with a 12” single blade, as well as replace 5 rotted 8” x 8” posts and 24’ ft of 4” x 12” beam materials with pressure treated 4” x 12” beams. After talking the plan over with the clients, we were given the OK to proceed with the project and we began our structural design. 8-helical deck piers were installed to a depth of 7 feet with an allowable capacity of 22,750 to allow for future additions and a possible hot tub on the deck. The structure was lifted within 1/8” of being level and we were able to obtain a plumb horizontal surface on the living room cantilevered section. The clients were extremely happy with the project and said they wouldn't hesitate to call us again if they ever faced another issue!