Matvey construction’s design technician met with the maintenance director and assistant to assess the settlement concerns inside the condo. The technician noticed that there were not only an interior slab problem, but the exterior foundation on the structure was settling as well. a tripod laser was used to verify the drop. The structure was off 3 ½" from the front towards the back. The quote and layout of pier placement was given to the client for review.


The quote given to the condominium association was to stabilize and correct the areas of concern with (37) 3" push piers. Polylevel injection system was recommended to fill the void for the interior slab settlement. all work to be monitored by an engineer during the installation process.

The project completed in 5days. 37 piers were installed at an approx. The depth of 18-feet on each pier. Matvey Construction was able to lift the structure 2-inches. 1000-sqft of Polylevel was used in the interior slab to fil the void to support the slab. The site was left clean and structure is now supported and stable. a full report, photos, and 75-year warranty were given to the client.