As soon as Matvey Construction arrived on site, a failing allen block retaining wall was found with no drainage. 4 soil borings were then completed, and large pockets of highly mobile sandy soil were located. After temporarily shoring up of the wall, Matvey completed a geo-tech report and permit design.


In order to fix this problem, complete soil density testing needed to be done. The client was supplied with a structural repair design permit set. A trench was then built for helical piers. Next, they were installed according to plans with a minimum 12-kip capacity to a minimum depth of 45 feet. Matvey completed 3 load tests of 14-kips. Then, a 250 foot long, 30 inch by 30-inch grade beam was poured in tandem with the new structural slab. After this, movement monitors were installed and a 24-month chart was used to evaluate how well the installation will hold up years down the road.

Two years later, there was zero movement as reported by geo-tech tracking the site. The site is still perfectly level and plumb.