A covered porch/deck that is attached to the back side of this home in Bremerton and is supported on one side by two 6 X 6 wood piers set in concrete. The ground around the piers has settled and the front side of the porch has settled 1 to 2 inches. The client does not believe his contractor put piers deep enough to hit firm soil and is interested in correcting this problem for good and re-leveling his porch. When we've arrived, the house was located on an extreme slope and over the last 10 years, the deck post supports settled a great deal due to erosion.


Matvey Construction's crew temporary supported the deck to lift and level. 2 6' helical lead sections with single 12" blades were installed. We then added soil back and compacted it in 6" lifts. A lateral concrete stabilizer was placed and the deck was re-supported with new 8.5 kip compression helical piers.