This Kenmore, WA homeowner called for an inspection on a leaning chimney. The homeowner had temporarily stabilized the chimney until repairs were made with straps. To fix the issues permanently the Matvey Construction design technician recommended the installation of 3 push piers to stabilize the structure. The existing fireplace chase was constructed above un-compacted organic sub-soil, there was not enough structural steel for support, and also standing water was found underneath the footing.


Our crew installed 3 push piers were placed at the chimney. 2 were put in front of the chase and the 3rd was on the left side of the chimney. The depths of piers were 11' 6" at 6.2kips (capacity). The piers accomplished the goal and the rotation of chase was completed which was a total lift of 1/2" total horizontal rotation towards the house. The structure was stabilized and the site was cleaned up; all plants removed were re-set. The last step was having an engineer inspect the repair so the metal straps could official be removed. The foundation was back in perfect condition and the homeowners couldn't have been happier with the entire process.