This homeowner in Aubrun, WA contacted Matvey Construction due to foundation settlement and cracks. Prior to calling for our services, the homeowner also contacted a geo-technical engineer to discuss the soil & settlement concerns as well. After our design technician inspected the area, he discussed and confirmed with the homeowner that the back area of the structure located near a slope should be stabilized with our push piers system. Push piers are made of steel and are driven deep into the soil beneath the foundation to solve settlement problems. The main area of concern was the rear area of the structure. 60 ft of decking would need to be removed for our pier system to be installed.


Matvey Construction installed 18 3" push piers originally estimating a 12' depth per pier. The piers were placed on the exterior o the structure in depths of 7' to 12'. Total structure lifted 5/8" and stabilization of the lower foundation was completed. A full lift was not possible due to the small amount of structural steel in the foundation and sewer lines going thru the stem wall.  The structure was left stable and clean. The project took 3 days to complete, no change orders were issued. The customer was completely satisfied with the installation.