Upon arriving on site, Matvey Construction found that the foundation had extreme settlement, ranging from 8 to 11 inches. The entire structure was completely out of level and plum. The homeowner's intention was to remodel the house. Matvey completed a re-bar scan and soil probing. Re-bar was found in the footing, as well as glacial till and sub soil. A geo-tech report and permit design were then completed.


The solution to this problem was complete soil density testing. The client was supplied with a structural repair design permit set. A trench was made for the installation of push piers. They were installed with a minimum 8-kip capacity. Next, 44 lift cylinders were installed and a complete lifting and leveling process was performed. Lift from the lowest point was 13 inches. The foundation stem wall was then level and plum.

Installation of movement monitors was then completed and a 24-month monitoring chart was used to keep track of the installation results. The homeowners were worried that they would not have time to remodel their house in the summer. This entire project was completed in just 2 days, and the homeowners were not delayed at all! They were left with a perfectly 100% level and plum house.

Two years later, there was zero movement as reported by geo-tech tracking the site. The wall was still perfectly level and plumb.