A client called office to schedule an appointment to inspect poor soil settlement of an interior structural slab. The building is a brewery located in Ballard, WA. Upon arriving on site, an engineer found 2300 Sq Ft of slab settlement ranging from 2" to 3.5". The Majority of settlement occurred around the larger beer processing tanks.


23 slab piers were installed ranging in depth from 15' to 32' to correct the settlement of soils. 23-8" concrete holes were installed in particular locations as per on-site engineering for each pier, 30 Sq Ft of foam was placed, along with a grout injection and after patching with cored pieces and sealed. All installation was monitored and documented. Matvey Construction supplied the client with a structural repair design. Load tests of 7.5-kips were completed. There was then a special inspection for a clean water flow test. 8 push piers were installed in areas where settlement occurred, then the structure was lifted and leveled. Next, movement monitors were installed and a 24-month monitoring chart was used to keep track of the installation results.

After 10 days of working from 10 pm to 8 pm, the areas of the structural slab were repaired, sealed, and tested. The design was completed and installed with no change orders, on time and did not go over budget.