Question: My slab was lifted by a tree root. Can you level that?
Answer: No, unfortunately not. Structural leveling works only on the slab that has sunk.

Question: How long does the installation take?
Answer: usually it takes about 2-3 hours.

Question: Can slab lifting be done in the rain?
Answer: yes, water does not interfere with the polymer injection and does not affect the quality of structural foam

Question: Do you warranty your work?
Answer: Yes, Matvey Construction usually issues a 25 year, fully-transferable warranty that covers any consequent concrete sinking. If that happens, we will come back for a service call and re-level the concrete slab again.

Question: What if there is a lot of water around the slab? Will it continue to sink even after you level it with structural foam?
Answer: since the water and poorly compacted soil caused the slab to sink in the first place, it is possible that the slab will sink again unless precautions are taken. Our trained design techs and technicians will make on-site recommendations on how to improve drainage and eliminate wet soil such as building french drains, rerouting your downspouts, etc. They will provide you an estimates of how much it will cost.

Question: How big of a concrete slab can you lift?
Answer: The force of expanding structural foam is strong enough to lift any concrete slab so we have not run into a slab that we could not lift. However, there is a size limitation of this technology: if the concrete slab is less than 3'x3' we cannot lift it with PolyLEVEL.