Rebar is an abbreviation for the main ingredient in reinforced concrete: steel bars that are embedded in poured concrete footings, walls, slabs and other structures to make them stronger. Small ridges in each piece of rebar create a mechanical connection between concrete and steel after the concrete hardens. As a result, the finished footing, wall or slab gains considerable strength, especially in tension. A reinforced concrete slab or wall will be able to withstand force applied by expansive soil, by settling, and even (in some cases) by seismic activity.

Rebar comes in different thicknesses, and is sometimes coated with a finish to protect against corrosion. Building codes and engineering specifications determine rebar size, spacing and other steel reinforcement details for poured concrete structures. To keep the steel continuous, individual lengths of rebar are typically bent to extend around corners and overlapped so that they can be tied together with steel tie wire. On larger structures like concrete columns and grade beams, rebar Âœcages are welded together and positioned inside forms. Concrete slabs often contain rebar as well as welded wire mesh.

Rebar problems are often a factor when concrete fails by cracking, shifting or settling. Contractors sometimes use little or no steel reinforcement in spite of what building plans call for, simply to save on construction expenses. Another problem can occur when rebar isn'™t positioned correctly, or if it shifts out of position during the pour. If the steel reinforcement is too close to the surface or edge of the concrete, its strengthening properties are compromised and it'™s more likely to rust, which will weaken the concrete further. There'™s a high price to pay if steel reinforcement details are poorly installed prior to pouring a concrete structure, and these poor construction practices keep foundation repair specialists busy. Fortunately, a skilled foundation repair specialist can rely on other types of steel reinforcement like steel piers, brackets and tiebacks, for example ”to correct foundation problems that result from inadequately reinforced concrete.

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