Causes of Concrete Damage in Tacoma

Tired of looking out on your cracking, sinking concrete? It’s time to call Matvey Foundation Repair! Our team of repair specialists can restore your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, garage floor, and more. Concrete is a very popular material, but it is prone to sinking over time, and is susceptible to general wear and tear.

If you want to minimize the concrete damage at your Tacoma property, or you want to implement proactive solutions to prevent the problems before they happen, be mindful of these common concrete problems here in Tacoma. Call Matvey now, before serious issues arise.

big crack in concrete

Dry Soil

Soil shrinks during times of extremely hot weather or drought, especially soil rich in clay. The shrinkage can lead to air pockets, and the weakening and crumbling of the soil underneath your concrete. 


Water will saturate the soil when it becomes trapped below your concrete slabs, and will cause more than a few different problems. The soil may expand and exert uneven pressure on your concrete. Or, if your soil is already weakened, it becomes vulnerable to erosion and the creation of more air pockets.

Poorly Compacted Soil

Foot traffic and/or construction can disturb soil, which once compromised will not return to its original stability. As disturbed soils begin to settle, the heavy concrete that sits on it will sink unevenly. That torsion will cause the slab to crack.

Moisture Damage

Concrete is a porous material and moisture can easily accumulate in all the little nooks and holes. If these moisture “pockets” remain for any length of time they become subject to freeze/thaw cycles, and you may see flaking, pitting, or staining on your slab.

Damage Due to Street Creep

If your driveway buts up against the city sidewalks, the “collision” might result in damage. When it’s cold, concrete contracts and the joints between the slabs separate. Debris that gets between those slabs may prevent the relaxation of the concrete during the warm months, resulting in uneven, tilted, or misshapen slabs.

As you can see, there are many different potential hazards to your concrete. Matvey Foundation Repair is ready to help, whether you need leveling for your property, replacement, or other repairs. Get in touch with our team today to set up your free inspection and estimate for concrete damage at your Tacoma property.