Carbon Fiber Foundation Wall Repair Systems in Tacoma

One of the biggest threats to your home’s foundation is the surrounding soil. Soils, especially expansive or wet soils, can place a huge amount of inward pressure on the foundation walls, and this can cause serious damage over time. Signs of pressure-related damage include bowing or tilting of the basement walls, uneven floors, and cracks in the concrete.

Basement wall damage is not something you should ignore! The soil outside your home will continue putting pressure on your foundation, slowly weakening your home’s structure. In some cases, doing nothing can result in total foundation wall collapse.

Tacoma Foundation & Concrete Repair: Basement Waterproofing

At Matvey Foundation Repair, we are proud to provide professional foundation, crawl space, and concrete repair.  We use the SafeBase™ Carbon Fiber foundation repair system in Tacoma to address issues caused by hydrostatic pressure and other lateral forces on basement walls. This system utilizes carbon fiber straps that are attached to the wall via metal brackets. Our technicians space these straps vertically at specified points for optimal basement wall support for your Tacoma foundation. The SafeBase™ Carbon Fiber strap system is quick and minimally invasive to install and delivers excellent resistance against the lateral forces that threaten your foundation walls. Results are long-lasting and backed by a 25-year warranty.

You may not be able to control the soil, but you can control how resilient your home is against soil-related damage. Ask us about our carbon fiber foundation repair systems in Tacoma! And as an alternative, we offer wall anchor systems, which also offer straightening and support against hydrostatic pressure.

Free Estimates on Wall Repair Systems in Tacoma

Dealing with any kind of foundation damage, especially wall damage, can be stressful, but you can count on Matvey Foundation Repair for fast, reliable service. We are your trusted foundation repair team, offering the best wall repair systems for your Tacoma home, including our carbon fiber foundation repair solutions.

Reach out to us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate. We look forward to taking great care of your property!