Crawl Space Repair Experts in Tacoma.

Crawl spaces are often overlooked and forgotten, but neglecting them for too long can lead to several issues. Excessive moisture is a common problem in the crawl spaces of most homes, which can lead to structural damage, pest infestation, and poor air quality. The comfort, efficiency, and security of your home can be affected by the health of your crawl space.

It's important to seek the assistance of a qualified Tacoma crawl space repair team to diagnose and fix these issues. Matvey Foundation Repair offers free inspections, ensuring you get the right repair solutions, which may include mold removal, waterproofing, structural restoration and encapsulation. Count on our Tacoma team for comprehensive crawl space repair options and friendly service, no matter the job!

wet crawl space
moldy walls
Mold control

Mold is a common problem in crawl spaces, and it can cause a variety of health issues if left unchecked. Our team is equipped with a HEPA system to capture airborne spores. We will also recommend a preventative moisture control solution to keep your crawl space dry and mold-free. Don't let poor air quality affect your health; contact us today for comprehensive crawl space care.

Nasty Crawl Space

Matvey Foundation Repair provides crawl space encapsulation for your Tacoma home that are effective in preventing moisture buildup. Encapsulation provides long-term humidity control. Our team can install an anti-microbial and fire-retardant vapor barrier to provide an additional layer of protection and to seal off your crawl space.

bad joists flooded crawl space
Structural repairs

Caring for your crawl space goes beyond cleaning the air. It's also essential to prevent excess humidity and mold, which can cause wood rot. The support beams in your crawl space are critical in maintaining the stability of your home, and any decay or sagging can result in uneven or sloping floors.

Schedule a free crawl space inspection.

If you're worried about your home, let our  crawl space repair team in Tacoma help with a free inspection. There's no risk in giving us a call. Whether you've already noticed damage or just want to be proactive, we'll check everything out and provide affordable solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs of your crawl space.