Our team at Concrete Leveling Solutions has years of experience helping homeowners level and fix cracked and sinking concrete slabs. There is a number of reasons why your concrete slabs may have cracked including temperature and moisture fluctuation and soil settlement.

When it comes to cracked concrete there are two main types active and dormant. Active cracks are cracks that expand or deepen over time. Dormant cracks do not change over time unless they are affected by moisture expansion or impact. If you find a crack in your concrete, it is important that you have it sealed right away before it gets worse.


There are many different types of cracks that can occur in concrete slabs including plastic shrinkage, settlement, and pressure cracks. These cracks can all occur quickly and must be repaired to maintain the structural integrity of the concrete slab.


The earliest crack that will form is because of a process known as plastic shrinkage. Plastic shrinkage can occur if the mixture of water and cement is too watery. Too much water will take up space, causing the solid ingredients in the mix to separate. When the water evaporates, the spaces in the mix remain, leaving cracks sometimes only a hair thin.


Cracks caused by settling are usually identified by concrete sinking or settlement. If the soil underneath the concrete begins to settle or plant materials begin to decompose the lack of supporting material can cause your concrete to crack under stress. Other common reasons concrete may crack due to settling is from underground wiring or plumbing. Even minor movements underneath concrete can cause cracking over time.


Pressure cracks are the result of placing too much weight on top of a slab. Excessive weight can put too much stress on the slab or even alter the ground underneath the slab which can cause cracking.


Our team of experts at Concrete Leveling Solutions can help you repair any cracked or sinking concrete you may have. Contact us to schedule a no hassle appointment to inspect your concrete surfaces and make repairs where necessary.