The PolyLevel System is a state of the art approach to repairing sinking concrete. PolyLevel takes the

original concept of mud jacking and combines it with modern knowledge and technology. Rather than a

mixture of concrete and mud, this method uses high density, lightweight, structural-grade polymers to

lift, level and stabilize slabs. This makes it easy to return surfaces to the desired level.


PolyLevel is significantly less expensive than concrete replacement and has numerous benefits to the

mudjacking alternative. These include smaller injection sites, not being prone to messy concrete “blowouts”, little added weight to the underlying soil, and no chance of washout.


PolyLevel does not degrade under the slab so there is no need to worry about the contamination of soil

or groundwater with dangerous compounds. Multiple studies have shown that, over the lifecycle of a

buried polyurethane foam, there is no evidence of leaching of any dangerous chemicals which could

cause health or environmental problems. An extensive study in 2006 by the Argonne National

Laboratory in Illinois concluded that the longevity of rigid polyurethane foam is more than 1000 years

in landfill conditions (a similar representation of the environment PolyLevel resides in under a slab).


Many people ask, is foam strong enough to stabilize concrete?


Absolutely. In fact, PolyLevel is so powerful and permanent, it is also used in many major commercial

projects to lift and stabilize extremely heavy structures and surfaces with fare greater usage than

residential concrete, including roads, bridges and industrial buildings.


PolyLevel is environmentally safe, affordable, waterproof and a permanent solution.