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At Matvey Foundation Repair, we pride ourselves on being Seattle's foundation repair, waterproofing, floor coating, and PolyConcrete Leveling experts. Even after more than 20 years of experience with structural and foundation repairs, we're continuing to expand our business.

We recognize the value in saving old foundations and the structural elements of buildings in terms of a money-saving opportunity for you and one way to protect the environment. Our mission is to design and install repairs to extend the life of structural elements in buildings so that they far exceed the structure's life.

At Matvey Foundation Repair, not only are we your local Seattle foundation repair experts, but we also help prevent tripping hazards by leveling and repairing your concrete sidewalks and driveways. Our mission is to help avoid costly water damage or potential safety hazards in or around your home. Our concrete leveling experts can assess and give you custom solutions to fix your pool decks, driveways, and walkways with our polyurethane foam injection solution called PolyConcrete Leveling.

In addition to foundation and concrete services, our team of experts located in Seattle also waterproofs basements and provides professional concrete floor coating systems. These essential solutions keep your home's air safe from mold and your floors protected from daily wear.

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About the Owner

Matthew Cote founded Matvey Foundation Repair in 1997. As a trusted SafeBasements dealer, Matvey Foundation Repair specializes in foundation repair for Seattle area residential and commercial applications.

As one of Washington's finest foundation repair companies, they provide award-winning services and warrantied solutions to thousands of foundations ranging from cracked and bowing walls to sagging floor joists and settling foundations.

They are accredited members of the International Association of Structural Movers, the Deep Foundations Institute, and the Foundation Repair Association.

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Foundation and Structural Repair Experience

As members of the SafeBasements international network of foundation repair contractors, our experience isn't limited to Washington or just the United States.

Each member of SafeBasements benefits from the collected experience and knowledge of best practices gathered from all across the United States and Canada, from coast to coast.

Such familiarity gives us the leading edge in dealing with all of your foundation issues and needs. With Matvey Foundation Repair, we can handle even the most complex structural repairs and designs with ease.

Our experts also use the latest technology and techniques to lift, level, seal, and protect your concrete.

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Incomparable Service to Homeowners Needing Foundation Repairs

At Matvey Foundation Repair, we're committed to fast, friendly, and reliable service. Our customers have appreciated our punctual, organized, and professional work.

Welcome to the Matvey Foundation Repair experience with structural and foundation repairs! From professional to reliable, we are determined to be there.

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Service Area in Washington

From structural moving and lifting to installing and repairing retaining walls, pin piles, and helical piers, we are ready to help. We service Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn, and Mercer Island, as well as all surrounding areas.

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