Helical Pier Installation in Seattle

Matvey Foundation Repair uses SafeBase Helical Piers to stabilize settling foundations when it comes to buildings affected by foundation settlement problems. If your building shows signs of damage from foundation settlement, Matvey Foundation Repair is your go-to foundation repair company in Seattle.

What Are SafeBase Helical Piers?

SafeBase Helical Piers are large metal beams that are screwed into the ground as far as needed until they connect with bedrock or stable soil. These beams are then bolted or molded into the foundation of your structure with concrete to create secure, solid support.

SafeBase Helical Piers are instrumental in areas that experience high winds or have unstable soil. They can be installed in any weather conditions, quickly and efficiently, and without the need for larger equipment to excavate the area.

With SafeBase Helical Piers connected to your home or building, its weight will transfer to the stable soil or bedrock connected to the helical piers. That will prevent your structure from experiencing foundation settlement problems again and helps anchor your structure to the ground.

pier diagram

Matvey Foundation Repair Installs Helical Piers

If your home or building is experiencing damages from foundation settlement, don’t worry. You can call Matvey Foundation Repair and take advantage of our 20 years of experience supporting the greater Seattle area. With Matvey Foundation Repair, we can fix and repair your damaged foundation, concrete, and other structural elements around your home or building, whether residential, commercial, or municipal.

Suppose you notice any cracking along the interior or exterior walls, breaking in drywall, cracking in concrete floor slabs, sagging floors, or other structural damage. In that case, we can fix it for you. Not only that, we will make sure it never happens again.

Call us today at 253-327-1650 for a free estimate from one of our foundation repair specialists.