Concrete Sidewalk Repair & Leveling in Seattle

Sinking, cracked, or settling sidewalks are both unsightly and hazardous. Damaged concrete can reduce appeal, and the uneven surfaces can cause you or someone else to trip and fall. Your first thought might be that you need to remove and replace all of the problem sections, but we have good news. You don’t have to! With our Seattle-based concrete sidewalk lifting, we can restore your walkway, eliminating trip hazards.

With Matvey Foundation Repair, we can lift and level your sidewalk in just 15 minutes. By using poly concrete leveling, your sidewalks or walkways will be restored and you won’t have to worry about them sinking again.

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Soil and foundation repair

What Can Cause a Sidewalk to Sink?

Sidewalks are meant for high foot traffic, which means that they are subject to extreme wear and tear. Over time, the supporting soil beneath a sidewalk or walkway can become weak, causing sections to settle. 

Erosion, rotting tree roots, and improperly compacted dirt are all contributors to sinking concrete, creating voids that your concrete will fill. 

Leveling Your Walkway or Sidewalk

If you are a homeowner or a business owner, you are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks connected to your property. If a stranger trips on an uneven section of sidewalk connected to your property and you are responsible for that section, you may be liable for their injuries. 

However, there is no need to worry. With our Seattle sidewalk leveling and repair, you have an affordable, quick-curing solution to the problem of uneven concrete. Poly concrete leveling can be applied in the tightest of spaces, and it won’t disrupt the surrounding landscape. 

With the fast-acting polyurethane foam injection we use, your sidewalk will be ready for walking almost immediately we finish.

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