Warrantied Wall Anchor Systems in Washington

Wall anchor systems are steel plates both inside your basement wall and outside of it in your yard. They're an effective solution for bowing foundation walls. Fitting your basement with anchors helps stabilize them, preventing structural damage.

Signs That You Need Wall Anchors

Structural problems in your foundation are a clear sign that your home in Seattle could benefit from wall anchors. At Matvey Foundation Repair, we can fix a variety of problems, including:

  • Foundation Walls Cracking
  • Inward Bowing or Bulging Walls
  • Inward Sliding Walls
  • Top of Walls Tilting Inward

We customize all our wall anchor systems for our Seattle customers so that they fit each unique home perfectly. Plus, we have a team of expert foundation contractors that will install your system with ease.

How Wall Anchors Work

Matvey is proud to offer a unique and innovative solution to foundation problems like bowing and buckling walls. Our system is made of galvanized steel, making it durable and resistant to corrosion over time. Matvey's wall anchor systems come with a performance warranty for every installation.

Our team in Seattle has designed our wall anchor system installations to be quick and hassle-free for our customers. Matvey Foundation Repair trains our installation experts to be aware of your landscaping and create as little disruption to it as possible. Generally, repairs are completed in as little as one day. Once completed, you will see immediate, permanent results in your foundation walls.

Matvey uses SafeBasements™ Wall Anchors. SafeBase™ Anchor Assembly kits are proven to be stronger, less messy and have a faster installation process than traditional wall anchors. We're proud to use the most innovative products to restore value and safety to your home.

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SafeBasements™ Wall Anchor Products SafeBase™ Wall Anchor System

Need a permanent solution for your home in Seattle? This patented wall anchor system permanently stabilizes and restores lateral strength to your foundation walls. Once installed, the anchors are adjustable, allowing them to stay straight when your soil expands or contracts with changing weather.

Advantages Of SafeBase™ Wall Anchors:

  • Fast Installation
  • Higher Holding Capacity
  • Mess & Hassle-Free
  • Patented Hardware
  • Tested & Proven Engineering

The SafeBase™ Wall Support System

The SafeBase™ Waler Wall Support System works directly with the SafeBase™ Wall Anchor System to add structural stability to bowed walls. This product is engineered to give added support to basement walls that have already been subject to bowing.

Advantages Of SafeBase™ Waler Wall Support Systems:

  • Unique & Original Design
  • Added Support
  • Designed for SafeBase™ Anchor System
  • Works with Wood or Cement

Wall Anchor Covers

Wall anchor covers are a great solution to hide exposed anchor components, especially if you plan to finish your basement after installing anchors.

Advantages of Wall Anchor Covers:

  • Sleek Coverage
  • Snap-On Design
  • Allows for Basement Finishes

Free Foundation Repair Quote

Matvey’s patented and proven wall anchor systems bring an innovative and easy solution to foundation wall issues. Our team serves residents in Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma, and many nearby areas in Washington. Call us at 253-327-1650 for your free foundation wall repair quote today!