Wall Straightening in Seattle

If your walls are tilting or bowing, or seem to be pushing inward, call Matvey Foundation Repair to help. We have the best foundation repair solutions available to fix your warping walls permanently.

Causes of Bowing or Tilting Foundation Walls

You might not know it, but your foundation walls are not tilting and bowing because they are weak in some way. Instead, it is the soils surrounding your home that are to blame. Expansive soils constantly exert a great deal of pressure on your foundation walls, pushing them inward and forcing them to bow and tilt. If these expansive soils swell with moisture or their moisture content freezes, those soils will expand to exert even more force on your foundation walls.

Solutions to Bowing or Tilting Foundation Walls

Matvey Foundation Repair in Seattle has several wall straightening solutions available to restore and support your bowing or tilting foundation walls.

With SafeBase Wall Anchors, we can connect your walls to stable soil outside your home’s foundation, potentially straightening them in the process and providing a permanent solution against lateral forces. The SafeBase Waler Wall Support System can work with our wall anchors to restore structural integrity to compromised walls.

Finally, SafeBase Carbon Fiber is the most durable bowed wall repair system available, with carbon fiber straps and ultra-secure bracket connections. When it comes to performance against shear forces, the SafeBase Carbon Fiber system is the best in class.

Free Estimates on Wall Straightening

Matvey Foundation Repair offers a level of expertise that only comes with 20+ years in the industry. If you want the best in foundation repair in Seattle, Matvey Foundation Repair is the name to trust. For a free estimate on your wall straightening project in the Greater Seattle area, give us a call at 253-327-1650 to book an appointment today!