Residential Floor Coatings

Matvey Foundation Repair is a firm believer in protecting the investment that is your home. Part of that includes protecting your floors against the damaging effects of abrasions, chemicals, and UV rays. Matvey Foundation Repair offers Penntek concrete floor coating applications to provide the ultimate in protection and style to combat this.

Custom Design

With Penntek floor coating, you can choose from various colors and finishes to customize the space. Your floor will not only benefit from Penntek’s legendary protection, but from the character, your floor will lend the area.

One-Day Installation

Penntek floor coating is installed quickly and easily, taking less than a day to finish the installation.

Competitive Warranty

Penntek floor coating installations come with a 15-year product warranty, so you can enjoy peace of mind while standing on your new floor coating.

Basement Floor Coating

With Penntek’s epoxy and polyurea floor coating, the dangers presented by cracked or uneven basement floors are no longer an issue to concern yourself with. Not only is appearance improved, so is durability.

Pool Deck Flooring

To protect and secure your pool area, Penntek is a must-have. With Penntek, a durable non-slip coating is applied around the pool deck that is resistant to typical wear and tear, as well as abrasions, chemicals, and UV rays.

Concrete Patio Flooring

Your patio doesn’t need to be a drab space laden with wicker furniture. Liven up your patio floor with Penntek floor coating to improve your floor’s style and protect it from damage.

Choose Matvey Foundation Repair for Your Residential Floor Coating Needs

If you need Penntek’s extraordinary protective and stylish floor coating qualities, you can reach out to us for a free consultation. Schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today by calling Matvey Foundation Repair at 253-327-1650.