Concrete Repair in Everett

Have you noticed cracks or sinking in the concrete around your home or property? While this may be a common occurrence for concrete sidewalks, patios, and driveways, it doesn’t mean they should be ignored! Damaged concrete can be a sign of deeper foundation issues, and it can also put your home at risk for future problems. Thankfully, you’ve got a great Everett concrete repair team you can count on, right here at Matvey Foundation Repair! With over 20 years of industry experience, we have what it takes to handle any kind of foundation, basement, or concrete issue with ease.

Unsightly concrete, whether it’s a driveway, pool deck, patio, or sidewalk, can seriously reduce curb appeal and your home’s value. It’s also a hazard and easy to trip over. But worst of all, cracked or damaged concrete can allow moisture to seep into the underlying soil around your home’s foundation, potentially leading to serious structural damage, mold growth, and more. Don’t let it get that far! Call us at Matvey Foundation Repair right away for your free inspection.

Our team proudly offers the most effective methods and products for concrete leveling, lifting, and sealing. We stand behind our superior workmanship and customer service. 

Cracked Concrete

If you see cracks in your concrete slabs, this could spell trouble for your home. Broken concrete allows water to get underneath and erode the soil, and potentially infiltrate your basement or crawl space too. Thankfully, our Everett concrete repair professionals can get things fixed up in no time.

Concrete Leveling

Looking for the best poly concrete leveling service in Everett? You’re in the right place! Matvey Foundation Repair is thrilled to offer this effective solution for all sorts of concrete problems. This fast-acting expanding polyurethane foam is injected underneath the slab, filling any air pockets and accurately lifting and leveling the concrete. It cures quickly, is waterproof and environmentally friendly, and offers permanent stabilization of your soil. 

Don’t ignore your damaged concrete any longer. Reach out to us at Matvey Foundation Repair and ask us about our poly concrete leveling services. Schedule your free repair estimate today!

big crack in concrete