Concrete Repair in Tacoma

Has your concrete seen better days? Are you tired of tripping over cracks and uneven spots? We’re here to help! Matvey Foundation Repair has over 20 years of experience serving the Tacoma area with concrete repair and leveling solutions, and we can restore your space with ease. Cracking, sinking, or uneven concrete can be a sign of deeper problems with your property, so it’s time to finally have it addressed by a professional. 

Having cracked or damaged concrete isn’t just an eyesore. Yes, it can detract from your curb appeal and lower your home’s value, but it goes much further than that. It also can be a dangerous hazard for trips and falls, and most concerning of all, concrete damage can allow water to infiltrate your foundation area, leading to potentially serious problems down the line. Don’t wait to repair your concrete! Call us at Matvey Foundation Repair today and ask for your free inspection and estimate.

You deserve only the best products and methods for lifting, leveling, and sealing your concrete. For driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and more, you can count on our team for superb workmanship and customer service.

Cracked Concrete

Even the smallest crack in your concrete slab can allow moisture to get in. If water is allowed to seep underneath the concrete, it can erode the soil, resulting in further concrete damage and potential foundation damage as well. Our Tacoma concrete repair team can get you fixed up right away. 

Concrete Leveling

Matvey Foundation Repair is your best source for poly concrete leveling in Tacoma. We’ve had great success with this innovative method, which uses a fast-acting polyurethane foam to lift and level concrete. Compared with other concrete repair methods, this poly leveling technology is faster and much longer lasting. It requires little to no demolition, it’s waterproof and environmentally friendly, and it cures quickly for the most convenient repair. Poly concrete leveling is a great choice for permanent restoration of your concrete slabs.

Stop ignoring your sinking or cracked concrete, and reach out to us at Matvey Foundation Repair today to request your free estimate!

big crack in concrete