Crawl Space Encapsulation in Bellevue

Water can cause severe damage to your crawl space, and if left unchecked can result in significant issues throughout your entire house. For example, mold can develop, which will pollute the air. Additionally, mold can deteriorate the wooden support beams in your crawl space. Given the humid conditions in Bellevue, it is crucial to keep your crawl space in good condition. We advise having it inspected annually, even if you don’t notice any indications of problems in your crawl space.

Signs of excess humidity

Excessive humidity inside the home is not just a nuisance; it’s also a sign of potential crawl space moisture issues and condensation. Ignoring this problem can lead to serious consequences, such as mold spores in the carpet and on the woodwork, and potential structural damage. Look out for these warning signs and reach out to  the crawl space encapsulation experts in Bellevue at Matvey if you notice any of them:

  • Warped, sloping, or sagging wood floors
  • Musty odors in your home
  • Visible moisture on foundation or in basement
  • Deteriorating or wet wood in basement
  • Allergy-like symptoms in the absence of known allergens
wet basement walls

SafeBasement™ Encapsulation

Here at Matvey,  our crawl space encapsulation experts in Bellevue stand behind the SafeBasement™ Encapsulation System. It has a unique sealed design that improves water drainage under the floor liner and is constructed with resilient polypropylene to ensure it won't deteriorate or break. We offer various liner options to address a range of unique home drainage issues, and we will recommend the best option for you!

Vapor Barriers

Our Bellevue crawl space encapsulation team uses SafeBase™ liners, which are backed by a 25-year manufacturer warranty. These liners act as vapor barriers to seal your crawl space, and come with a range of benefits:

  • Fire-retardant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Class A/Class 1 fire rated
  • Nylon reinforced

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Worried about high humidity in your home? Our crawl space encapsulation experts in Bellevue will utilize the SafeBasement™ System to restore your home’s comfort, efficiency, and value. We can come out for a free inspection and assessment, and help you make the best decision for your property. Get in touch to schedule your free estimate today!