Settlement Sinking Repair in Seattle

When your foundation settles and sinks, several issues can affect your home. If you notice any damage like cracks in your concrete floor, stair-step cracking along exterior walls, or a tilting chimney, you may be dealing with foundation settlement issues. When that happens, give us a call so we can help.

To fix foundation settlement, we use SafeBase Push Piers and SafeBase Helical Piers to provide permanent structural repairs.

How to Identify Foundation Settlement Issues

A settling foundation will result in several types of damage, and any of them are telltale signs that you need foundation repairs.

crawl space cracked wall

Stair-Step Cracking

Stair-step cracking is exactly what it sounds like. It presents as a crack along with a brick or concrete block wall that resembles a staircase. Over time, vertical cracks can widen, especially at the top. When this happens, settlement may be in an advanced state.

Sticking windows

Damaged Doors and Windows

When foundation settlement occurs, doors and window frames may fall out of the square. Over time, cracks will form at the corners of the structure, and it may become difficult to open your doors and windows.

tilting chimney

Tilting or Separating Chimneys

Foundation settlement can result in chimneys that appear as though they are tilting away from the home.

vertical crack in dining wall

Cracks in Drywall

Drywall cracks may appear at the corners of doors and windows, as well as drywall seams. Cracks like this will be more prominent in the upper levels of your home. If drywall tape is ripping or coming loose, this may be another sign that your foundation is settling. However, cracks in drywall can indicate a sagging crawl space, as well as heaving or sinking floors.

big crack in concrete

Cracks in Concrete Floor Slabs

Cracks in concrete floor slabs may indicate foundation settlement or settlement in your floor slabs. Both are good reasons to call a professional to inspect the damage.

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