Concrete Patio Leveling in Seattle

Are you tired of looking outside at your sinking or uneven concrete patio? Tired of your guests tripping over the patio steps or tilting slabs? It’s time to come to Matvey Foundation Repair for our concrete patio leveling in Seattle. Our team has worked in the foundation and concrete repair industry for over 20 years, and we can restore your patio to its former glory. With our help, you can enjoy a smooth, level, and attractive patio once again!

If you love grilling, hosting parties, and entertaining your friends, having a safe and secure patio is essential. A damaged patio is not just an eyesore, but it can also be a serious tripping hazard. Plus, it can detract from your home’s value. Thankfully, Matvey Foundation Repair is here! Our innovative poly concrete leveling technique can lift, level, and support your concrete patio with ease. 

Using Polyurethane Foam To Level Your Patio

Our Seattle concrete patio repair team uses the best repair method in the market today- polyurethane foam. This foam is injected underneath your patio through tiny holes in the slab, expanding to accurately lift it back into place. This foam cures quickly- in as little as 15 minutes- and delivers a waterproof, environmentally-friendly, permanent hold. Concrete sinking is almost always caused by issues with the underlying soil, and poly concrete leveling addresses these issues, so you can rest well knowing you won’t have to deal with sinking or settling ever again. Poly concrete leveling is more effective and requires less demolition than other conventional repair methods like mudjacking and total slab replacement.  

Many homeowners in the area come to us at Matvey Foundation Repair for concrete leveling, and we’re proud to be one of the most trusted names in the industry. If your concrete patio is sinking, settling, or tilting, and you’re ready to get it fixed for good, give us a call. Poly concrete leveling can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run! 


Choose Matvey Foundation Repair to Level Your Patio

Reach out to our Seattle concrete leveling team today and schedule your free on-site estimate. Call us at 253-327-1650 to get started!