Bowing Wall Foundation Repair in Seattle

When you set foot in your basement and notice that the foundation walls are bulging inward, it can be a scary moment. Bowing, buckling, or tilting foundation walls are caused by moisture-saturated soils exerting pressure on your walls. This is when we would recommend hiring our bowing basement wall repair team in Seattle. Our experts will inspect your basement, identify the cause of your foundation problem, and offer solutions.

Signs that your foundations walls are bowing include:

  • Inward bowing or bulging
  • Horizontal cracks or stair-step cracks
  • Diagonal cracks at corners
  • Walls moving inward at the bottom
  • Walls moving inward at the top
  • Wet soil or clay found around the home near damaged walls
  • Expansive clay soils around the structure

If you discover that you have bowing walls, the easiest solution is to contact Seattle’s best bowing basement wall repair company. Call Matvey Foundation Repair as soon as possible, and we can restore your walls quickly and efficiently. 

To fix bowing walls, we use several methods. SafeBase Wall Anchors restore lateral strength to help your walls resist the pressures exerted by expanding soil. The SafeBase Waler Wall Support System adds structural stability to any compromised basement wall. With SafeBase Carbon Fiber, your walls are reinforced with carbon fiber, giving them incredible resistance against shear forces.

wall anchors
dry soil

Causes of Cracked and Bowing Foundation Walls

Bowing or cracked foundation walls happen because of the surrounding soil outside of those walls. The only thing between the outside and the interior of your home are your foundation walls, which puts them at the mercy of the surrounding soils.

Depending on the depth of your foundation, the temperature, the type of surrounding soil, and the moisture content of that soil, your foundation could be dealing with extreme pressures. When this happens, your foundation can buckle inward, leading to cracks and other types of damage. 

Water drainage systems like gutters and downspouts can contribute to the issue, as well. If water is not effectively directed away from the home, that water can seep directly into the soil, increasing moisture content and the pressure exerted on your walls. 

Matvey Foundation Repair Can Fix Your Bowing Walls

Give us a call at 253-327-1650 and schedule your appointment today. Matvey Foundation Repair has over 20 years of experience with bowing walls and wall crack repair in the Seattle area. Get your free estimate today!