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Structural damage resulting from foundation settlement can creep into your home before you know it’s happening. Once you start to see signs of foundation settlement, it can be a stressful discovery that can leave you feeling a little helpless. Don’t worry. Matvey Foundation Repair is the Tacoma foundation repair company that knows everything about it, and we can help. 

Foundation settlement occurs when the soils surrounding your home sink, settle, erode, or compress. Where your home used to be level, it’s now sitting at an uncomfortable angle because the supporting soil can no longer bear the weight of your home. This foundation settlement can be found in both residential and commercial Tacoma properties.

This small difference results in very noticeable changes throughout your home. You might find your floors to be uneven. Doors and windows might stick or jam all of a sudden. You might discover stair-step-shaped cracks forming along your exterior or interior walls. Your basement walls might be cracking or bowing, and your concrete floors might be uneven. These are all signs you may need foundation repair, and our Tacoma-based experts are here to help.

These are all potential signs of foundation settlement. If you see any, the best thing you can do is get ahead of it before they grow into more severe problems. 

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We take every home’s foundation issues seriously. Once you book an inspection, you can expect prompt and thorough service. Our technicians will arrive to inspect the damage, provide you with a quote, and begin work with your approval. As a member of the SafeBasements network, we use only the best equipment available to provide quick, efficient, and non-invasive repairs.

We have been repairing foundations in Tacoma for over 20 years. You can trust our team to be knowledgeable, expert, and (most important of all) committed to your satisfaction.

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